Innovative Chalk Blocks

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So Your child lover to scribble?
presenting Strawberry Stop Chalk blocks for kids!
Fun to play and learn Blocks
  • Size : L2.5''x B2.5''x H2.5'' (Each Block) 
  • Shape: Perfect Cubes
  • Usage: (These blocks can be used for multiple purposes as follows)
      • Building blocks
      • learning blocks
      • learning 1,2,3 (Counting Blocks)
      • Learning A, B, C ( Alphabet Blocks )
      • Learning Ka, Kha, Ga. ( Hindi Blocks )
      • Drawing
      • Puzzle Solving
      • And many more depending on your child's creativity!
  • Eco friendly (Non-Toxic Materials )
  • Easy to rub
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Use these blocks to enhance the creativity in your children at an early age from 1-6 years!

Child learns Problem-solving, brain development, Creativity etc...