Combined Alphabet Tray (Capital & Lower abc)

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Kids often get confused between Capital and Lower alphabets. In the early learning years, it is important that they be able to differentiate between the two and identify them correctly. This tray will help them do just that.

  • Differentiate and identify capital & lower letters at a glance.
  • The capital and lower alphabets are painted in two distinct colors to aid in recognition.
  • The alphabets come out of their cavity and will go in only in the right place making the puzzle self-corrective.
  • Value Addition: The back of the tray has the alphabets printed in random order. Have the child identify the alphabet and place the correct cutout on top of it. Now you know if your child has really learned his/her alphabets!
  • Made of MDF sourced from FSC certified forests, it uses non-toxic inks.
  • Comes with an eco-friendly drawstring pouch for easy storage of pieces.
  • 100% non-toxic and child-safe.

Slight variations in color may occur between images and the final product.