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Importance of indoor play area.                                                

•By Dona. M(ECCE Specialist & Researcher) •10 minutes read

“Play is the work of the child ”

                                                                         -Maria Montessori

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A step by step guide for creating a personal play area in your house

~By Silky Malhotra (Specialized in Early Childhood Care and Education) • 15 Minutes Read 

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Developing Young Children During Quarantine -Through Meaningful Play !!

• By Dona. M. (ECCE researcher ) • 10 Minutes Read 

This corona period (Covid-19 pandemic) is the worst we could experience in our lifetime. It is even worse for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten aged children as they would lose the time in which is considered to be the most crucial in someone's life for brain & sensory development.

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